Hire Purchase

Operating Lease

This option is well worth considering for specialised and higher value assets. We own the asset and take the risk of it losing value. Meanwhile, you get to use it for as long as you wish.

Operating lease benefits

  • Fixed costs - for a set sum you can use the asset immediately
  • Cash flow boost - we fix a residual value that lowers your payments
  • Flexible repayments - rentals can be tailored to match your seasonal cash flow
  • Fixed or variable interest options - you decide which suits you best
  • Off-balance sheet - check with your auditor about this business advantage
  • Tax efficiencies - VAT is reclaimable on the rentals, while payments can normally be offset against taxable profit (special rules apply to cars)

We build in a residual value that reduces your monthly payments. This type of commercial leasing instantly aids your cash flow and makes 'off-balance sheet' funding possible. In effect, you can match your fixed rentals to your income - particularly helpful for seasonal businesses.